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Helping Your Child Manage Anger

Many children have problems coping with anger. In fact, research suggests that nearly half of all children referred for counseling have anger management issues. Anger is a powerful emotion that can be difficult for children to control. Expressing anger appropriately can be learned in much the same way that a child learns to play the […]

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Creating a Reward System for Children

One of the most effective ways to encourage good behavior is to set up a reward system with your child. When children learn that good behaviors are rewarded and bad behaviors are ignored or punished, they learn to change their behaviors in order to obtain good things. A reward system does not have to be […]

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Homework Survival Guide for Parents

If you are like most parents, you have felt the frustration of battling over homework issues with your child. There are several things that you can do to ease the tension over homework and help your child gain the independent skills necessary to be successful. Homework time does not have to be a constant struggle.

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Special Education Lingo

The field of Special Education is filled with acronyms and terminology that can be very confusing. This list represents the most frequently used terms.

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Understanding My Child’s Special Education Evaluation Report

Congratulations for making it this far in the process! By now, you might feel like an expert in the subject of special education. However, it is common to have lingering questions regarding your child’s evaluation report. Here is a summary of frequently asked questions.

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Special Education Referrals: Part 1: Demystifying the Pre-Referral Process

  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the referral process for special education, you are not alone! After experiencing pre-referral team meetings, multidisciplinary team meetings, enough paperwork to wallpaper a large home, and forms that are sent around and around the table at a dizzying rate for signatures, it is no wonder that you may […]

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Special Education Referrals- Part 2: Clarifying the Evaluation Process

There are different avenues for reaching the evaluation process. However, most referrals for special education are generated by the school’s pre-referral team. After the specified time of the intervention phase, the pre-referral team meets again to review the data. It is at this meeting that the team makes the recommendation to either continue with the […]

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Overview of Special Education

It is very common for parents to feel overwhelmed and confused by special education law, processes, and paperwork. Always remember that even if you don’t understand everything about special education, you know your child best. The information you bring to the table is incredibly valuable in developing the right plan for your child. However, it […]

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Understanding My Child’s IEP

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a legal document that spells out what your child’s special education services will look like on a day-to-day basis. It is essentially a roadmap guiding the team to provide your child with the help that he or she needs in order to be successful in school. Your input is […]

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Back to School: 5 Tips for Parents

  The shift from a carefree summer to the structure and demands of a typical school day can be a difficult adjustment for some children. As the “Back-to-School” sales begin, now is the time to start preparing your child for these upcoming changes. Here are some tips to help your child successfully begin a new […]

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Starting the School Year: Top 10 Tips for Resource Room Teachers

My first day as a special education resource room teacher was a disaster! I remember sitting in the school psychologist’s office and asking, “So, what am I supposed to be doing?” I knew how to write an IEP and was well versed in theories of learning. What I lacked was a tactical plan. They didn’t […]

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