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Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disabilities: 4 Common Myths

This article tackles the most common myths about reading disorders. These myths are so pervasive, that there is even confusion within the school system. Armed with the facts about reading disorders can help teams provide the best help to students who are struggling.

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Individual Education Plans versus 504 Plans

There is often confusion among parents and teachers regarding the differences between 504 Plans and Individual Education Plans (IEP). While both are legal provisions that allow accommodations for students with disabilities, they are not the same. This article helps to clarify the purposes and differences between IEPs and 504 Plans. What is a 504 Plan? […]

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Preparing for Your Child’s Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher conferences are a critical time to obtain information about how your child is doing in school. Most conferences are scheduled for about 20 minutes. Because time is limited, it is important to be prepared so that you get your questions answered and learn how best to partner with your child’s teacher. Here are some […]

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What if My Child Doesn’t Qualify for Special Education?

Finding that your child is not eligible for special education services may feel like a roadblock. After all of the meetings and paperwork, parents are sometimes left with mixed emotions if their child is found not eligible for an IEP. You may be feeling a sense of relief that your child’s problems in school are […]

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Models of RTI

There are many different interpretations regarding the implementation of RTI. IDEA (2004) allows local education agencies the ability to use RTI, but does not require its use. Individual states have flexibility to create their own regulations pertaining to the implementation of RTI. As a result of this flexibility, several models of RTI have emerged. This […]

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Understanding RTI

The field of Education is constantly in flux to allow room for innovative ideas and practices. While the concept of Response to Intervention (RTI) is not new, it has gained tremendous momentum since the reauthorization of IDEA. This article unpacks some of the basic questions surrounding RTI. What is RTI? RTI stands for Response to […]

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