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General Parenting

as a grandmother how can i assist with teaching the boys that bad behaviour doesn't get rewarded but good does.CAN I TAKE ONE OF THE BOYS TO MOVIE AND NOT THE OTHER,FOR WEEKLY BAD BEHAVIOUR

General Special Education

If a child does not qualify for special Ed, when can they be retested?


My grandson who is 12 years old is currently in 7th grade. He failed the school year only passing reading and physical education. He just got diagnosed with mood disorder. He was to repeat 7th grade. Can a 504 plan keep him from repeating 7th grade?

Does a 504 expire for a student enrolled in Orange County, Florida Public Schools?


There is debate amongst members of my team regarding 504 plans. I think (along with our school psych and a particular parent) that 504s fall under the same guidelines as an IEP. Other teachers on my team disagree. What do you say?


I am graphic designer for I need to work rapidly on an assignment for a new button for "emergency hotline" response where agents will respond to emergency requests. I found an autism ribbon image on your site here and I want to ask permission for usage.